Foregone Conclusions (forthcoming August 2011)

Critical Praise

“Koans for Cohens
Like Tones for Joan's Bones
Too hip for the room

--Ben Sidran, author of A Life in the Music

“The strategy of most literary compression is to stringently focus the reader's attention, even confine it, to the writer's carefully controlled meanings. Tom Farber's alchemical epigrams, however, manage to achieve a counterintuitive opposite. Through juxtaposition, cadence, surprise -- balancing acts of extreme delicacy -- Farber's dialectical wordcraft offers space for the reader's imagination and helps it roam through possibilities. His gift is not spareness but, with a wry smile, a gentle prod toward plenitude.

--Joseph Matthews, author of The Lawyer Who Blew Up His Desk

“If quantity makes quality, then what about Tom Farber? Quantity–100 pages, 98 epigrams, longest 53 words, shortest 4. Quality, phenomenal. Reading, re-reading, ruminating–richly rewarding, no conclusions foregone or forgone.

--Gavan Daws, author of Follow The Music.

Tom Farber does a full gainer with a double twist--elegant, witty, sharp, and surprising.

--Peter Neumeyer, author of The Annotated Charlotte’s Web